Mark's Towing, Inc. is a local Westchester County business located in Thornwood New York serving the town of Mount Pleasant and the surrounding area since 1985.

Our towing professionals are trained and experienced in towing small and large commercial vehicles including, but not limited to, cars, SUV's, luxury vehicles, emergency service vehicles, tractor trailers and small air crafts carriers.

Through years of experience we have gained the trust and respect of our customers and are known to be a professional and reliable service. Our drivers take the safety measures necessary to ensure a safe transport of your vehicle.

We specialize in towing, recovery and transporting services for your local and long distance needs and are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays. 

Mark's Towing, Inc.     |     30 Claremont Avenue     |     Thornwood, New York  10594      |     Tel: 914-769-6807     |     Fax: 914-347-1516
Did we tow your car? 

If your car was towed due to an impound: 
​• A release form from that town's police department is required. Contact the appropriate police department to obtain your release form.

If your car was towed due to an accident:
• Contact us directly or have your insurance company contact us.

If you are an insurance company:
• Before we can release an automobile to an insurance company the owner of the vehicle must contact us with permission.
24 hour / 7 day 

30 Claremont Avenue
Thornwood, New York  10594
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